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Hot body gel 400 g. 812

The hot body gel 400 g. 812 Reductor helps you burn fat. Perfect complement to your Salome belts It helps you reduce measures. This hot gel does not produce side effects. Ideal to apply with reductive massages.

This gel serves as a complement to use with lace Salome beltswhich are manufactured with two types of fabric, the outside is made in the highest quality Powernet, which exerts the appropriate pressure to mold your figure. In the inner part it is lined in Lycra cotton flannel, soft touch fabric, with internal brooches at closing to facilitate the placement of the girdle.

The Salome beltsThey mold and reduce your waist several centimeters, enhance the bust and buttocks, collect the chubby of the back and correct your posture. They help you in post-participation recovery and aesthetic treatments.

CONTENT: Water Carboner, Alcochol, Menthol Glycerin, Triethanolamine.

APPLICATIONS: For body massages.

APPLICATION: Apply to the body with the palm of the hand and massage until its absorption, especially where there is accumulation of fat.