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Fajas Salomé 65206 Liposculpture girdle sisa with butt lifter

Enjoy a slender and stylized figure thanks to the wonders of the girdle Salomé 65206. Due to the high level of compression, the girdle gives you a defined shape from the first position.

This wonderful girdle is great for everyday use. Wherever and for any occasion, the Liposculpture Girdle adjusts to your body giving you the necessary flexibility to carry out your movements without any problem.

Girdles Salomé always uses the best materials for each shaping and reducing belt. In this opportunity, the Liposculpture Girdle is made with two types of high-tech fabric. The outer part is made of Powernet, which exerts the appropriate pressure to shape your figure. The interior is lined with hypoallergenic fabric to give your body the correct ventilation.

  • Shape and reduce your waist several centimeters.
  • They enhance the bust and buttocks.
  • They pick up the fat from the back and correct your posture.
  • This liposculpture girdle gives you high back coverage with wide straps that help you collect the fat under the armpits.
  • Featuring a free-breasted design and a slim, comfortable, invisible zipper at the front.
  • This girdle is ideal for you to look beautiful every day.

It is important that you choose the size according to your weight and your measurements. You must bear in mind that our garments are shapewear that have high compression (with the exception of rest girdles and light lines).