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Fajas Salomé 62166 High back short butt in lycra

With our SALOMÉ GRADE 62166  You will have an extraordinary compression. Its flat closure and broches will give both the torso and the waist an unmatched form.

  • Double application in fabrics
  • Hypo-alegenic cover in cotton
  • Immediately reduce up to 3 centimeters from your waist
  • Complementary to your routine when exercising
  • High support at the top of your back
  • It has support at the level of the back to stay in an ideal and recommended position
  • Internal hooks
  • Free bust
  • Buttock enhancement
  • It has silicone bands that adhere to the thighs
  • Opening in the crotter for comfort

It is important that you choose the size according to your weight and your measures. You should keep in mind that our garments are molding belts that have high compression (exception rest girdles and light line).