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Fajas Salomé 515 Lipoesculture girdle strapless butt in lycra

With our SALOMÉ GRAD 515You achieve an Effect raises tail, providing high compression throughout your body. Highlight the bust and get an ideal silhouette and excellent mobility with this reducing strip worthy of every woman.

Recover the areas affected by surgery, can be used as a postpartum belt or postoperative belt as it helps the muscles and skin affected to be located in their corresponding place avoiding injury or discomfort.

Let your figure benefit from the qualities our post -surgical reducing strips of this manufactured with mostly A moderate compression providing a natural enhancement. This series of gauge girdles are invisible under clothes.

It is important that you choose the size according to your weight and your measures. You should keep in mind that our garments are molding belts that have high compression (exception rest girdles and light line).