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Fajas Salomé 322 snin-neck bandage

Our LIE 322 It stops blood loss, minimizes swelling, accelerates the healing process and allows you to return to your routine sooner. After a facial surgical procedure, this lie also provides support to the skin for greater comfort and that best suits its new form.

Our sides are convenient for many face procedures: such as eyebrow lifting, facial stretching, neck stretching, liposuction (face, chin, neck), facial implants, maxillofacial surgery, among others.

Its design is simple and friendly: with brooches on the back and upper of the head to adjust the control. 100% Powernet without latex, with an inner cotton lining. Improved support to give you the comfort you deserve. Durable performance. Our lie is light and breathable to keep you clean, dry and fresh all day.