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Short butt 321 lifter in lycra

The   Short lifts tail 321  It will overcome your expectations when you see the beautiful figure and impressive silhouette that you can get when using this garment. All our products are specially elaborated to adjust to the routine of the woman today, with the best and most novel materials in the market. Always thinking of getting surprising results and incredible comfort.

- Made on the great Powernet fabric.  
- Special breathable and hypo-alegenic fabric for sensitive skin.
- High compression and effect raises tail.
- Supreme elasticity.
- Imperceptible under clothes. It has flat seams.
- Lace edges with silicone appliques, which prevent the short from rolling under the pants.
- Cotton in the back, to avoid uncomfortable irritations or friction.

It is important that you choose the size according to your weight and your measures. You should keep in mind that our garments are molding belts that have high compression (exception rest girdles and light line).