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1. General Principles and Postulates.

Confecciones Salome Ltda, guarantees the protection of rights such as Habeas Data, privacy, intimacy, good name, image, for this purpose all actions will be governed by principles of good faith, legality, computer self-determination, freedom and transparency.

Whoever in the exercise of any activity, including managerial, commercial and labor activities, whether permanent or occasional, can provide any type of information or personal data to Confecciones Salome Ltdaand in which it acts as the person in charge of the treatment or responsible for the treatment, will be able to know it, update and correct it.

1. Legal framework

· Political Constitution, article 15.

· Law 1266 of 2008

· Law 1581 of 2012

· Regulatory Decree No. 1727 of 2009

· Regulatory Decree No. 2952 of 2010

· Partial Regulatory Decree No. 1377 of 2013

· Sentence of the Constitutional Court C – 1011 of 2008

· Sentence of the Constitutional Court C – 748 of 2011

· Decree 886 of 2014

· Single Decree 1074 of 2015

· External Circular 002 of 2015 Superintendence of Industry and Commerce.

1. Definitions

In accordance with the current legislation on the matter, the following definitions are established, which will be applied and implemented accepting the interpretation criteria that guarantee a systematic and integral application, and in accordance with technological advances, technological neutrality; and the other principles and postulates that govern the fundamental rights that surround, orbit and surround the right of Habeas Data and Protection of Personal Data.

Authorization: Prior, express and informed consent of the owner to carry out the processing of personal data.

Database: Organized set of personal data that is subject to Treatment.

Personal data: Any information linked or that can be associated with one or more determined or determinable Natural Persons.

in charge of the treatment: Natural or legal person, public or private, that by itself or in association with others, carries out the treatment of personal data on behalf of the person in charge of the treatment.

Responsible for the treatment: Natural or legal person, public or private, that by itself or in association with others, decides on the database and/or the treatment of the data.

Holder: Natural person whose personal data is subject to treatment.

Treatment: Any operation or set of operations on personal data, such as collection, storage, use, circulation or deletion.

1. Specific Principles

Confecciones Salome Ltda will apply the following specific principles that are established below, which constitute the rules to be followed in the collection, handling, use, treatment, storage and exchange of personal data:

1. Principle of legality: In the use, capture, collection and processing of personal data, the current and applicable provisions that govern the processing of personal data and other related fundamental rights will be applied.

2. Principle of freedom: The use, capture, collection and processing of personal data can only be carried out with the prior, express and informed consent of the Owner. Personal data may not be obtained or disclosed without prior authorization, or in the absence of a legal, statutory, or judicial mandate that relieves consent.

3. Principle of Purpose: The use, capture, collection and processing of personal data to which you have access and are collected and collected by Confecciones Salome Ltdawill be subordinated and will serve a legitimate purpose, which must be informed to the respective owner of personal data.

4. Principle of Veracity or Quality: The information subject to the use, capture, collection and processing of personal data must be truthful, complete, exact, updated, verifiable and understandable. The Processing of partial, incomplete, fragmented or misleading data is prohibited.

5. Principle of Transparency: In the use, capture, collection and processing of personal data, the right of the Holder to obtain from Confecciones Salome Ltda., at any time and without restrictions, information about the existence of any type of information or personal data must be guaranteed. that is of your interest or ownership.

6. Principle of Access and Restricted Circulation : Personal data, except for public information, may not be available on the Internet or other means of disclosure or mass communication, unless access is technically controllable to provide restricted knowledge only to the Holders or authorized third parties. . For these purposes the obligation of Confecciones Salome Ltda., will be of means.

7. Security Principle: The personal data and information used, captured, collected and subject to treatment by Confecciones Salome Ltda., will be protected to the extent that the technical resources and minimum standards allow it, through the adoption of measures technological protection, protocols, and all kinds of administrative measures that are necessary to provide security to electronic records and repositories avoiding their adulteration, modification, loss, consultation, and in general against any unauthorized use or access.

8. Principle of Confidentiality: Each and every one of the people who administer, manage, update or have access to information of any kind found in Databases or Databases, undertake to keep and maintain it in a strictly confidential manner and not reveal it to third parties. , all personal, commercial, accounting, technical, commercial or any other information provided in the execution and exercise of their functions. All people who currently work or are linked in the future for this purpose, in the administration and management of databases, must sign an additional document or addendum to their employment or service provision contract in order to ensure such commitment. This obligation persists and is maintained even after the end of their relationship with any of the tasks that comprise the Treatment.

1. Sensitive data:

Sensitive data is understood to be those that affect the privacy of the owner or whose improper use may generate discrimination, such as those that reveal racial or ethnic origin, political orientation, religious or philosophical convictions, membership in trade unions, social organizations, of human rights or that promotes the interests of any political party or that guarantees the rights and guarantees of opposition political parties as well as data related to health, sexual life and biometric data, among others, the capture of still image or in motion, fingerprints, photographs, iris, voice, facial or palm recognition, etc.

5.1 Treatment of sensitive data:

Data classified as sensitive may be used and processed when:

· The Holder has given his explicit authorization to said treatment, except in cases where the granting of said authorization is not required by law.

· The Treatment is necessary to safeguard the vital interest of the owner and the latter is physically or legally incapacitated. In these events, the legal representatives must grant their authorization.

· The Treatment is carried out in the course of legitimate activities and with due guarantees by a foundation, NGO, association or any other non-profit organization, whose purpose is political, philosophical, religious or trade union, provided that they refer exclusively to its members or to people who maintain regular contact by reason of its purpose. In these events, the data may not be provided to third parties without the authorization of the owner.

· The Treatment refers to data that is necessary for the recognition, exercise or defense of a right in a judicial process.

· The Treatment has a historical, statistical or scientific purpose. In this event, the measures leading to the suppression of the identity of the Holders must be adopted.

· Authorization of the owner :

Without prejudice to the exceptions provided by law, the treatment requires the prior, express and informed authorization of the owner, which must be obtained by any means that may be subject to consultation and subsequent verification.

· Cases in which authorization is not required :

The authorization of the Holder will not be necessary in the case of:

· a) Information required by a public or administrative entity in the exercise of its legal functions or by court order. b) Data of a public nature.

· Cases of medical or health emergency.

· Treatment of information authorized by law for historical, statistical or scientific purposes.

· Data related to the Civil Registry of Persons.

1. Rights of Children and Adolescents.

In the Treatment, respect for the prevailing rights of minors will be ensured.

The processing of personal data of minors is prohibited, except for those data that are of a public nature.

It is the task of the State and educational entities of all kinds to provide information and train legal representatives and guardians on the possible risks faced by minors regarding the improper treatment of their personal data, and to provide knowledge about the responsible use and safe for children and adolescents of their personal data, their right to privacy and protection of their personal information and that of others.

1. Duties of Confecciones Salome Ltda as responsible for the Treatment of Personal Data .

Confecciones Salome Ltda , when acting as Responsible for the Treatment of personal data, will comply with the following duties:

· Guarantee the Holder, at all times, the full and effective exercise of the right of habeas data.

· Request and keep a copy of the respective authorization granted by the owner.

· Duly inform the owner about the purpose of the collection and the rights that assist him by virtue of the authorization granted.

· Keep the information under the necessary security conditions to prevent its adulteration, loss, consultation, use or unauthorized or fraudulent access.

· Guarantee that the information provided to the person in charge of the treatment is true, complete, exact, updated, verifiable and understandable.

· Update the information, communicating in a timely manner to the person in charge of the treatment, all the news regarding the data that you have previously provided and adopt the other necessary measures so that the information provided to it is kept up to date.

· Rectify the information when it is incorrect and communicate what is pertinent to the person in charge of the treatment.

· Provide the Person in Charge of Treatment, as the case may be, only data whose Treatment is previously authorized.

· Require the Treatment Manager at all times to respect the security and privacy conditions of the Holder's information. j) Process queries and claims made.

- Inform the Person in Charge of Treatment when certain information is under discussion by the Holder, once the claim has been filed and the respective procedure has not been completed.

· Inform at the request of the Owner about the use given to their data.

· n) Inform the data protection authority when there are violations of the security codes and there are risks in the administration of the Holders' information.

1. National Registry of Databases .

Confecciones Salome Ltda ., reserves, in the events contemplated in the law and in its statutes and internal regulations, the power to maintain and catalog certain information that rests in its databases or databases, as confidential in accordance with current regulations, its statutes and regulations.

Confecciones Salome Ltda ., will proceed in accordance with the current regulations and the regulations issued for this purpose by the National Government, to register its databases, before the National Registry of Databases (RNBD) that will be administered by the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce. The RNBD., is the public directory of the databases subject to Treatment that operate in the country; and that it will be freely consulted by citizens, in accordance with the regulations issued by the National Government for this purpose.

For this purpose, the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce in its Circular No. 002 of 2015 and acting in accordance with Single Decree No. 1074 of 2015 stipulated:


Additional information that must be registered in the Database Registry – RNBD

1. Information Stored in the Database . It is the classification of personal data stored in each database, grouped by categories and subcategories, according to their nature.

2. Information Security Measures. Corresponds to the controls implemented by the Data Controller to guarantee the security of the databases that it is registering, taking into account the questions provided for this purpose in the RNBD. Such questions do not in any way constitute instructions about the security measures that the Persons Responsible for the Processing of personal data must implement.

3. Origin of personal data . The origin of the data refers to whether they are collected from the owner of the information or provided by third parties and if there is authorization for the treatment or there is a cause for exoneration, in accordance with the provisions of Article 10 of the law. 1581 of 2012.

4. International Transfer of Personal Data. The information related to the international transfer of personal data includes the identification of the recipient as Responsible for the Treatment, the country in which it is located and if the operation is covered by a declaration of conformity issued by the Delegation for the Protection of Personal Data of the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce or for a cause of exception in the terms indicated in Article 26 of Law 1581 of 2012.

5. International Transmission of Personal Data . The information related to the International Transmission of personal data includes the identification of the recipient as Treatment Manager, the country in which it is located, if there is a data transmission contract in the terms indicated in Article of Section 5 of Chapter 25 of Sole Decree 1074 of 2015 or if the operation is covered by a declaration of conformity issued by the Delegation for the Protection of Personal Data of the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce.

6. Assignment or National Transfer of the Database. The information related to the Assignment or National Transfer of data includes the identification of the assignee, who is considered Responsible for the Treatment of the assigned database from the moment the assignment is perfected. It is not mandatory for the transferor to register the transfer of the database. However, as Data Controller, you must comply with the Registration of the database that has been assigned to you.

7. News Report. Once the registration in the Database in the RNBD is completed, the claims presented by the holders and the Security Incidents that affect the database are reported as new, in accordance with the following rules:

· Claims presented by the holders . It corresponds to the information of the claims presented by the Holders before the Person in Charge and/or Person in Charge of the Treatment, as the case may be, within the calendar semester (January - June and July - December). This information will be reported taking into account what was stated by the holders and the types of claims pre-established in the registry. The report must be the result of consolidating the claims presented by the holders before the person in charge and the Person in Charge (s) of the Treatment.

· Security Incidents. It refers to the violation of the security codes or the loss, theft and/or unauthorized access of information from a database managed by the Data Controller or by its Manager, which must be reported to the RNBD within fifteen (15 ) business days following the moment they are detected and brought to the attention of the person or area in charge of attending to them.

The information related to the security measures, the claims presented by the Holders and the incidents reported by the Treatment Managers will not be available for Public consultation.

1. Authorizations and Consent.

The collection, storage, use, circulation or deletion of personal data by Confecciones Salome Ltda., requires the free, prior, express and informed consent of the owner thereof.

9.1 Means and Manifestations to Grant the Authorization.

The authorization can be recorded in a physical document, electronic, data message, Internet, Websites, in any other format that guarantees its subsequent consultation, or through a suitable technical or technological mechanism, which allows expressing or obtaining consent via click or double click, through which it can be unequivocally concluded that if the holder's conduct had not been provided, the data would never have been captured and stored in the database. The authorization will be generated by Confecciones Salome Ltda., and will be made available to the owner in advance and prior to the processing of their personal data.

See Annex No 1 authorization model for the collection and processing of personal data.

9.2 Proof of Authorization.

Confecciones Salome Ltda ., will use the mechanisms that it currently has, and will implement and adopt the tending and necessary actions to maintain records or suitable technical or technological mechanisms of when and how it obtained authorization from the holders of personal data for the treatment of personal data. themselves. To comply with the foregoing, physical files or electronic repositories may be established directly or through third parties hired for that purpose.

1. Notice of Privacy:

The Privacy Notice is the physical, electronic document or in any other format known or to be known, which is made available to the Owner for the processing of their personal data. Through this document, the Holder is informed of the information regarding the existence of the information treatment policies that will be applicable, the way to access them and the characteristics of the treatment that is intended to be given to personal data.

See Annex No 2 privacy notice model.

10.1 Scope and Content of the Privacy Notice.

The Privacy Notice, at a minimum, must contain the following information:

· The identity, address and contact details of the Data Controller.

· The type of treatment to which the data will be subjected and its purpose.

· The general mechanisms provided by the Responsible so that the Holder knows the information treatment policy and the substantial changes that occur in it. In all cases, you must inform the owner how to access or consult the information treatment policy.

1. Prerogatives and other Rights of the Holders of the Information.

In attention and in accordance with the provisions of current and applicable regulations regarding the protection of personal data, the owner of personal data has the following rights:

· Access, know, rectify and update your personal data against Confecciones Salome Ltda., in its capacity as data controller.

· By any valid means, request proof of the authorization granted to Confecciones Salome Ltda., in its capacity as Data Controller.

· To receive information from Confecciones Salome Ltda., upon request, regarding the use that has been given to your personal data.

· Go before the legally constituted authorities, especially before the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce, and file complaints for violations of the provisions of the current regulations in the applicable standards, after consulting or requesting the Treatment Manager.

· Modify and revoke the authorization and/or request the deletion of the data when the current constitutional and legal principles, rights and guarantees are not respected in the Treatment.

· Have knowledge and free access to your personal data that have been subject to Treatment.

1. Duties of Confecciones Salome Ltda ., in relation to the Treatment of Personal Data.

Confecciones Salome Ltda .,, will bear in mind, at all times, that the personal data are the property of the people to whom they refer and that only they can decide on them. In this sense, it will use them only for those purposes for which it is duly empowered, and in all cases respecting the current regulations on the protection of personal data.

1. Guarantees of the Right of Access.

Confecciones Salome Ltda ., will guarantee the right of access when, after proof of the identity of the owner, legitimacy, or personality of its representative, making available to it, at no cost or expense, in a detailed and detailed manner, the respective personal data through all types of means, including electronic means that allow the Holder direct access to them. Said access must be offered without any limit and must allow the holder the possibility of knowing and updating them online.

14. Consultations.

The holders, or their successors in title, may consult the personal information of the Holder that rests in any database. Consequently, Confecciones Salome Ltda., will guarantee the right of consultation, providing the holders with all the information contained in the individual record or that is linked to the identification of the Holder.

With respect to the attention of requests for consultation of personal data, Confecciones Salome Ltda., guarantees:

Enable electronic means of communication or others that it considers pertinent. Establish forms, systems and other simplified methods, which must be informed in the privacy notice. Use the customer service or claims services that you have in operation.

In any case, regardless of the mechanism implemented to attend consultation requests, they will be attended to within a maximum term of ten (10) business days from the date of receipt. When it is not possible to attend the query within said term, the interested party will be informed before the expiration of 10 days, stating the reasons for the delay and indicating the date on which his query will be attended, which in no case may exceed five (5) business days following the expiration of the first installment.

1. claims

The Holder or his successors in title who consider that the information contained in a database should be subject to correction, updating or deletion, or when they notice the alleged breach of any of the duties contained in the Law, may file a claim with the person in charge of the Treatment, channeling it and sending it through the designated unit and whose contact details are specified later in number 22 of this document and which will exercise the function of personal data protection within Confecciones Salome Ltda.

The claim may be presented by the Holder, taking into account the information indicated in article 15 of Law 1581 of 2012 and in decree 1377 of 2013, and other regulations that modify or add them.

1. Implementation of Procedures to Guarantee the Right to File Claims.

At any time and free of charge, the owner or his representative may request the staff of Confecciones Salome Ltda., the rectification, updating or deletion of his personal data, after proof of his identity.

The rights of rectification, update or deletion may only be exercised by:

1. The holder or his successors in title, after proof of his identity, or through electronic instruments that allow him to identify himself.

2. Your representative, prior accreditation of the representation.

When the request is made by a person other than the owner, the legal capacity or mandate to act must be duly accredited; and in case of not accrediting such quality, the request will be considered as not presented.

The request for rectification, updating or deletion must be submitted through the means enabled by Confecciones Salome Ltda., indicated in the privacy notice and contain, at a minimum, the following information:

· The name and address of the holder or any other means to receive the answer The documents that prove the identity or personality of their representative.

· The clear and precise description of the personal data with respect to which the owner seeks to exercise any of the rights.

· Where appropriate, other elements or documents that facilitate the location of personal data.

1. Rectification and Updating of Data .

Confecciones Salome Ltda ., has the obligation to rectify and update at the request of the owner, the information of the latter that turns out to be incomplete or inaccurate, in accordance with the procedure and the terms indicated above. In this regard, the following will be taken into account:

In requests for rectification and updating of personal data, the owner must indicate the corrections to be made and provide the documentation that supports their request.

Confecciones Salome Ltda ., has full freedom to enable mechanisms that facilitate the exercise of this right, as long as they benefit the owner. Consequently, electronic or other means that you consider pertinent may be enabled.

Confecciones Salome Ltda. , may establish forms, systems and other simplified methods, which must be informed in the privacy notice and that will be made available to interested parties on the website.

1. Data Deletion.

The owner has the right, at all times, to request Confecciones Salome Ltda., the deletion (elimination) of their personal data when:

· Consider that they are not being treated in accordance with the principles, duties and obligations provided for in current regulations.

· They have ceased to be necessary or relevant for the purpose for which they were collected.

· The period necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes for which they were collected has been exceeded

This deletion implies the total or partial elimination of personal information in accordance with the request of the owner in the records, files, databases or treatments carried out by Confecciones Salome Ltda. It is important to note that the right of cancellation is not absolute and the person in charge can deny the exercise of the same when:

· The owner has a legal or contractual duty to remain in the database.

· The elimination of data hinders judicial or administrative actions related to tax obligations, the investigation and prosecution of crimes or the updating of administrative sanctions.

· The data is necessary to protect the legally protected interests of the owner; to carry out an action based on the public interest, or to comply with an obligation legally acquired by the owner.

1. Revocation of Authorization.

The holders of the personal data can revoke the consent to the processing of their personal data at any time, as long as it is not prevented by a legal or contractual provision. For this, Confecciones Salome Ltda., must establish simple and free mechanisms that allow the owner to revoke their consent, at least by the same means by which they granted it.

It should be noted that there are two ways in which the revocation of consent can occur. The first, may be on all the consented purposes, that is, that Confecciones Salome Ltda., must completely stop processing the owner's data; the second, can occur on certain types of treatment, such as for advertising purposes or market research. With the second modality, that is, the partial revocation of consent, other processing purposes are kept safe that the person in charge, in accordance with the authorization granted, can carry out and with which the owner agrees.

1. Information Security and Security Measures.

In development of the security principle established in the current regulations, Confecciones Salome Ltda., will adopt the technical, human and administrative measures that are necessary to grant security to the records avoiding their adulteration, loss, consultation, use or unauthorized or fraudulent access.

1. Use and International Transfer of Personal Data and Personal Information by Confecciones Salome Ltda .

Depending on the nature of the permanent or occasional relationships that any person holding personal data may have with Confecciones Salome Ltda., all of your information may be transferred abroad, subject to the applicable legal requirements, with the acceptance of this policy. , expressly authorizes to transfer Personal Information. The information will be transferred, for all relationships that may be established with Confecciones Salome Ltda.

Without prejudice to the obligation to observe and maintain the confidentiality of the information, Confecciones Salome Ltda., will take the necessary measures so that these third parties are aware of and undertake to observe this Policy, under the understanding that the personal information they receive may only be be used for matters directly related to the relationship with Confecciones Salome Ltda., and only while it lasts, and may not be used or intended for a different purpose or purpose.

Confecciones Salome Ltda ., may also exchange Personal Information with government or other public authorities (including, among other judicial or administrative authorities, tax authorities and criminal, civil, administrative, disciplinary and fiscal investigation bodies), and third parties participating in procedures civil attorneys and their accountants, auditors, attorneys, and other advisors and representatives, because it is necessary or appropriate: (a) to comply with applicable laws, including laws other than those of your country of residence; (b) to comply with legal process; (c) to respond to requests from government and public authorities, and to respond to requests from government and public authorities other than those in your country of residence; (d) to enforce our terms and conditions; (e) to protect our operations; (f) to protect our, yours, or any third party's rights, privacy, safety, or property; and (g) obtain the applicable compensation or limit the damages that may affect us.

1. Personal Data Protection Function within Confecciones Salome Ltda.

Confecciones Salome Ltda ., as a company and under the terms established in current regulations, will act as RESPONSIBLE FOR THE PROCESSING of Personal Data; and the different commercial and administrative units will act as RESPONSIBLE FOR THE PROCESSING of personal data, as well as

For example, and among other dependencies, in the case of personal data of clients, the Commercial Management acts as the person in charge of the treatment; In the case of financial and commercial data, the Administrative and Financial Management acts as the person in charge of the treatment; In the case of company employees, the Head of Human Talent acts as the person in charge of the treatment.

Confecciones Salome Ltda ., designates the office of the Auditor, or the dependency that takes its place, as the person who will receive, process and channel the different requests that are received, and will send them to the respective aforementioned dependency in charge of the treatment, dependencies that once receive these communications, will enter to fulfill the function of protection of personal data, and must process the requests of the owners, in the terms, deadlines and conditions established by the current regulations, for the exercise of the rights access, consultation, rectification, updating, deletion and revocation referred to in current regulations on personal data protection.

In the event that you consider that Confecciones Salome Ltda., gave a use contrary to the authorized and applicable laws, you can contact us through a reasoned communication addressed to Auditoria de Confecciones Salome Ltda., Office address: Carrera 23 D No 13 – 37, Email : cuenta@fajasalome.com.coPBX: 5585757


This manual is in force since the first (01) of April 2013 and leaves without effect the regulations or special manuals that could have been adopted by administrative instances in Confecciones Salome Ltda., and this update was made in order to adapt it to the Regulations contained in Sole Decree 1074 of 2015 and External Circular No. 002 of 2015 of the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce.

Updated October 03, 2016



With the issuance of Law 1581 of 2012 and Decree 1377 of 2013, the constitutional principle that all people have to know, update and rectify all types of information collected or that has been subject to processing of personal data in banks is developed. or databases and, in general, in files of public and/or private entities, Confecciones Salome Ltda, as a company that stores and collects personal data, requires obtaining your authorization so that in a free, prior, express, voluntary, and duly informed manner, you allow to all administrative units, collect, collect, store, use, circulate, delete, process, compile, exchange, treat, update and dispose of the data that have been supplied and that have been incorporated into different databases or databases, or in electronic repositories of all kinds that Confecciones Salome Ltda. has, this information is, and will be used in the development of its own functions s de Confecciones Salome Ltda., in its capacity as a company, directly or through third parties. Confecciones Salome Ltda., in the terms provided by article 10 of decree 1377 of 2013, is expressly and unequivocally authorized to maintain and manage all your information, unless you directly, expressly, unequivocally and in writing to the email account provided for this purpose: cuenta@fajasalome.com.co

“I consent and authorize in advance, expressly and unequivocally that my personal data be treated in accordance with the provisions of this document and/or authorization”.

If you do not want your personal data to be used by Confecciones Salome Ltda., you may partially or totally revoke such authorization expressly and unequivocally, directly, expressly and in writing, either in physical or electronic means; or orally, or by any means or unequivocal conduct that leads to a reasonable conclusion that such authorization or consent is revoked.

In the event that you have any observation and/or comment on the handling and use of your personal data, or in the event that you consider that Confecciones Salome Ltda., gave a use contrary to the authorized and applicable laws; or you do not want to continue receiving information related to Confecciones Salome Ltda., and its activities, according to this document, you can contact us through a communication addressed to the Office of the Auditor, responsible for data protection of the Company at:

Office address: Carrera 23D No 13 – 37

Email: accounting@fajasalome.com.co

PBX: 5585757



SALOME CONFECTIONS LTDA. , with address in the City of Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia, acts and is Responsible for the Treatment of personal data.

How to contact us. Office address: Carrera 23 D No 13 – 37

Email: accounting@fajasalome.com.co

PBX: 5585757

Your personal data will be included in a database and will be used directly or through designated third parties, among others, and in a merely enunciative manner for the following direct and indirect purposes related to the object and purposes of Confecciones Salome Ltda.

· Achieve efficient communication related to our products, services, and other activities related to the functions of Confecciones Salome Ltda., as a Commercial Company dedicated to the manufacture of Shapewear, Jean and all kinds of clothing for Women, Men and Children, in addition of natural articles for Beauty., and to facilitate general access to their information;

· provide our services;

· Inform about new products and services that are related to those offered or that Confecciones Salome Ltda. has;

· Comply with obligations contracted with our clients, contractors, contractors, suppliers, and employees;

· Inform about changes in the services of Confecciones Salome Ltda.

· Evaluate the quality of the service, and

· Carry out internal studies on consumption habits of the services and products offered by Confecciones Salome Ltda., and/or its allied companies.

The holders of information are informed that they can consult the Internal Manual of Policies and Procedures for Personal Data of Confecciones Salome Ltda.,which contains the policies for the treatment of the information collected, as well as the consultation and claim procedures that will allow make effective their rights to access, consult, rectify, update and delete the data. Watch: