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We are a company dedicated to the manufacture of modeling and post-surgical girdles for men and women and jeans for women. We have a great sense of social responsibility and commitment to the environment, including as a vital part of our processes, the correct collection of solid waste, the reasonable use of water and energy, in order to guarantee the satisfaction of the needs of our clients. , be friendly to the environment and generate profitability for the company; In addition, we contribute socially with the development of the region and improvement of the quality of life, through the generation of employment for the elderly, disabled and women heads of household.


Continue to be a leading company in the national market in the manufacture and sale of modeling girdles and jeans for women, doubling our participation in the international market by 2018, always taking into account the protection and preservation of the environment, through the application and use of the best materials. We work hard in our areas of customer service and research and development of new products, through the collaboration of a human team full of virtues and values, in order to guarantee excellent control and improvement of the quality of our final product, in addition to continuing to contribute socially, generating employment for women who are heads of households, the elderly and the disabled.


Confecciones Salome Ltda., was born in 2001 as a Colombian micro-business in the El Jardín neighborhood of the city of Cali Valle, thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Antioquia, which had a small workshop made up of two machines and two operators who were in charge of meet customer needs.

By 2004, the company had already obtained recognition and the demand made it necessary to expand its market, a task that could be carried out thanks to the entry of a new partner; who, with his contributions, contributed to its growth, thus allowing the opening of two new points of sale, one in Medellín and the other in Bogotá.

In 2005, due to the constant growth and acceptance of their products, the partners were forced to look for new facilities that would allow them to expand their plant and thus be able to satisfy the demand, so they moved to the Junín neighborhood, where they created jobs. another 60 people and as a result of this change, Confecciones Salomé Ltda., proudly evolved to the category of medium-sized company.

The evolution of the company has gone hand in hand with the generation of employment, the development of Valle del Cauca and the country in general. For the year 2007, a new plant was acquired in which production was expanded and restructured, resulting in an increase in its personnel to more than 100 collaborators, including the elderly, the disabled and women heads of household.

In the journey of seeking new markets, Confecciones Salome Ltda., took off to meet new frontiers and began a period of training and education at the export level, entered the training circle with the organization PROEXPORT COLOMBIA and participated in the Diploma of Management of Exports; With these knowledge bases, the Foreign Trade department was created and a new search for clients began, being CONFECCIONES SALOME LTDA a pioneer in the export of control garments and positioning itself as one of the first three exporting companies of girdles in Colombia.

Later, it joined one of the most important fashion events in Colombia and Latin America; COLOMBIAMODA and CALI EXPOSHOW, which take place every year in the cities of Medellín and Cali. In this space, dozens of contacts have been made and large sales have been capitalized in the foreign market that have contributed to the strengthening of the company and the country's export economy. He has also participated in INEXMODA and COLOMBIATEX, events in which he has been updated on the subject of textiles and latest trend supplies.

In 2011, the partners ventured to explore the butt lifter jeans market, giving them a unique style to stylize the female silhouette. This turnaround led them to invest, they opened a new production plant and created jobs for more than 20 people. As expected, their designs have had an excellent reception and stability in the market thanks to their variety, originality and quality.

Currently, the company is positioned as one of the most solid companies in the market in terms of quality and design, it has 36 commercial establishments located in the main cities of the country and more than 400 employees, including operators, administrators and salespeople. This growth has allowed it to provide support to foundations such as Fides, Teletón Colombia, the National Police and donations to those affected by the winter wave, as well as working on the care and preservation