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April 04, 2019


When you practice some type of sport, the right clothing is one of the ideal tools to have optimal performance, but above all, to give your best in any scenario. It's always good to have a little extra help to sweat a little more and finally get that figure you want so much.

Did you know that Salomé waistbands are the ideal tool to increase sweat production in the center of your body?

Well, it's the truth: your waist and hips are two areas where fat cells tend to accumulate and since fluid retention is focused on these two areas, they tend to look bigger.

Therefore, when you wear high compression garments, you stimulate your body to produce more sweat, so you will have to drink more water and your body will release a greater amount of toxins, accumulated throughout the day.

Among other benefits, your skin will become clearer and the appearance of cellulite will be reduced.

Ideal for those who suffer from some type of allergy, the hypoallergenic lining of this girdle allows more people to enjoy the benefits of Salomé garments.

The vest-style waistband is ideal for people involved in high-intensity sports and workouts, as the thick straps at the shoulders and high back allow the garment to stay in place while shaping your hips, waist and flattening those love handles. armpits that are formed by the pressure of the bra.

Your posture will improve, helping you avoid back and waist pain, while adding a few inches to your height.

Since they have no sleeves, your arms will be able to move freely while the straps keep the garment in its correct place, improving your posture thanks to the strong structure of all the girdles and they are perfect for a gym session.

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