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July 06, 2020

How to put on a girdle?

My first girdle: How to put it on?

When you buy a compression garment it is normal to be worried about it. You may not know how it will look and how to use it. These are normal concerns, so don't stop and start wearing your girdle.

Here we show you a basic guide that will help you put on our girdles.

1. You need to have dry skin to prevent the garment from sticking to your skin while you put it on. There are two ways to put them on, standing or sitting, the one that makes you more comfortable is the correct way.
If you are standing: turn it upside down and put one leg and then the other.
If you are sitting: take one leg of the girdle and roll it up, as you do with a pantyhose, then gently place your leg in the corresponding hole. Repeat the process with your other leg.

2. Hold your girdle from the top of your legs and start moving it up until your thighs feel comfortable. There are different lengths for compression garments, but the process is the same.

3. Grab your Colombian girdle and pull it up until it reaches your waist.

4. Take the straps of the post surgery girdle and finish it by adjusting it to your shoulders until you feel good in it. If your compression garment doesn't have straps, just pull it up until it fits snugly against your torso. Make sure there are no wrinkles in the girdle when you wear it.

5. To fasten your girdle, pull the sides towards your navel as far as you can, to make it much easier to close it.

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